Origin Story

Hello Friends!!

Expecting a review? Well The New Crusaders review is coming but I need to clean up the apartment first because, uhhh, I can’t find my review copy at the moment ^^; Yeah I know, pretty fucked, but it’s only because my day job has left me pretty tired this week and with the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) quite literally a day away, I’ve been under the gun to get as much study time in as possible.  Although I have a bad feeling I may not pass this year given that I just haven’t had the most opportune times to crack my books open.  Between losing my job, trying to survive on peanuts for a month and breaking up with my girlfriend, who’s JAPANESE no less, I just have not had the best year to get my study on.  I’ll be lucky if I get the same score as I did 2 years ago.

But enough about the possible headache looming over the horizon for tomorrow.  This post is about the past, but more importantly this thing:

That Sailor Moon/Pokemon stickered notebook is my original storybook I created for an old comic idea I had called NEON way back in high school health class.  Actually back in SVA I tried to finally put pen to paper and draw the story, but like all newbie writer/artists I didn’t think properly about the direction of the story…..or the art for that matter.  The notebook itself is not filled, but it’s almost full of story notes and drawings from cover to cover.  I’m never getting rid of it because if it wasn’t for that notebook I wouldn’t have created NEON and from retooling NEON I wouldn’t have created TALES and if there was no TALES there would be no CODE BASIS and by association WALK OF LIFE.

So you see, always hold on to your old drawings and story ideas because you may never know how it will effect you down the line.  When I took a second a couple of days ago to reread the old story notes, I was surprised at the energy and imagination that my old 16-year-old self had….not to mention how kinda unique it was.  No I’m not trying to inflate my own ego dear reader, it was really strong writing for a 16-year-old.  True a little clichéd at some parts maybe a “women in refrigerators” scene and one chapter that was totally lifted from Gundam Wing.  But still strong with room for improvement and growth.

But you want to know the funny thing, all of this stemmed from one idea I had in Economics class, “I just want to write a story as cool as Dragonball”.  Yep no delusions of fame or riches, just to write a story that was beloved and meaty as Dragonball…not “Z”, the original, when he was a kid….

Well that’s all for today kiddies, hopefully by the next time I post Time Warner would’ve gotten their shit together and fixed my net.  Enjoy the blast from the past designs from the notebook!!

Til Next Time
Stay Frosty

Thank God I got better, it's almost embarassing to show this
Thank God I got better, it’s almost embarrassing to show this
I still do thumbnails like this in ink, I know I show do it in pencil but old habits as they say...
I still do thumbnails like this in ink, I know I show do it in pencil but old habits as they say…
Kitsune and Maxine circa 2004 or so...my god, the boobs (0_0)
Kitsune and Maxine circa 2004 or so…my god, the boobs (0_0)
This was done in 2010 but I can't remember if it was in Japan or when i came back to the States
This was done in 2010 but I can’t remember if it was in Japan or when i came back to the States

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