Road Home

Hello Friends,

Sorry for the lack of general posts but life’s been taking wild turns and doing reviews has been eating a lot of time.

In any case, for the past week I’ve been at home in Michigan for a little vacation and in case you’re wondering I wasn’t caught in the craziness that is Sandy. I don’t even know if my apartment has any damage outside of power outage. (0_o)

But aside from that, this little break from NYC is just what I needed to take my mind off of things and recharge. Too bad my wallet has taken a few jabs since I’ve been here though.

Buy between sleeping a lot and watching fuck-loads of SVU marathons I’ve been taking time for myself and planning out my next move career-wise. As I’ve told a lot of my friends once I come back to NYC my fight to get out of retail and find a better job begins.

In lighter news I went with my mom and aunt up to Frankenmuth, MI where there’s the world’s largest Christmas store, “Bronner’s”.  This place looks like Christmas threw up on itself.  For most Michiganders, Bronner’s is THE Christmas place.  Outside of commercial Christmas decoration stores like Hallmark, Bronner’s has a lot of various decorations and ornaments.  Given they’re located out in the farmlands of Upper Michigan they definitely have the space to store all of that stuff.

Now I’m no Scrooge, but that place was a bit too Christmas-y for my taste.  I think I may have grown a bit out of the CHRISTMAS aspect of Christmas.  Maybe working 3 years in a country that relegates it to mainly a holiday for couples and given my current state of employment pretty much forbids anytime off during that period, I’ve most likely grown to see December 25th as another day.  A day I wish I was off, a day I wish I could get out and hang with people, but still, just a day.

Still Christmas 2012 will be the last one where external forces tie my hands and keep me from spending it my way.  Come next year I’ll be able to plan Christmas MY WAY and if I decide to stay in NYC or go home or hell even go somewhere with (hopefully) a future girlfriend, I’ll be able to make that choice.  Not some dead-end “Loser McFuck-Wad”-job telling me that this period is a blackout period.

Oh well, enough ranting, enjoy these pics from Bronner’s and if you want more information about the store just click here.

And thus we see failed attempt
at a 4th member of
the Chipmunks


Santa auditioning for “Amazing Spider-Man 2”

MARY: “Um, Joesph…it’s about
our baby, y’see…”


‘Til Next Time
Stay Frosty

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