NYCC 2012 Post Game Wrap

Hello Friends,

Talk about a busy week for yours truly.  Outside of now having a schedule where I work 4 days in a row.  I know find out because of that my hours are now cut to the point where I work just the bare minimum of hours to qualify as full-time…hooray (he says sarcastically).

In any case I’m not really letting it get to me much.  In happier news I got to go to Comic-Con again this year (of course the trade-off is I had to work again at the Midtown booth)  So effectively I’ve been working 6 days so far and soon to be doing a total of 10 days with only ONE day off.  So yeah I’m tired as all hell.  But on the upside I got the early shift at the con and was able to walk around and see a lot and talk to a lot of creators.

I was able to get a copy of the new Image title “Saga” signed by Brian K. Vaughn and artist Fiona Staples.  Fiona also signed my print of her upcoming Life with Archie cover:

Sha Na-na-na-na-na!!

I saw this cover months ago on a comics site and have been salivating for the issue’s release!  Everytime I look at it I get an art boner.  I really like Josie and the Pussycats and Sabrina, the Teenaged Witch.  No I’m not gay, but for Josie it probably triggered so latent furry love and for Sabrina, I was introduced to the property through the ABC TV show…that and I LOVE Melissa Joan Hart from my childhood so win win!!

I know she’s a mom now, but sweet Jesus did I love her when I was younger…maybe I still do (0_0)

Anyway, Archie news aside, I also got a chance to talk to a lot of artist and creators and give them a copy of my sketchbook I whipped up like the day before and just talk (or in some of their cases fanboy-gasim).  Case in point would be Amy Reeder, I always feel like some weird meal-mouthed stalker when I talk to her.  Grated it was only my second time talking to her, my first being when she visited the store and I stuck my foot in my mouth when I thought she was mainly a writer….way to go dipshit (;_;)…but after learning she knows a friend of mine I tried to just casually talk to her at the con but once again, open mouth; insert foot.  This time I just sounded goofy, pretty embarrassing but I did tell her that her work is phenomenal and it is!! Seriously go check out Madame Xanadu from DC/Vertigo and pick up her book “Halloween Eve” from Image be sure to support that woman!!!

Ok so after making an ass of myself in front of Ms. Reeder, I saw the man himself, Mark Waid!!  He’s sooo friggin’ nice and open to talk to, I gave him a copy of my work and fingers crossed he reads it and gives me some feedback.  I know pipe-dream, but I don’t care if he thinks it’s crap as long as I know WHY it’s crap and lets me know on ways to improve my storytelling it would chalk it up as a win.

The rest of the con was mostly spent in Artist’s Alley getting books signed and gaining a sweet education of the industry from people like Brad Walker, Dave Elliot, and my old boss and co-workers from Random House/Kodansha.  And pitstopping by my friend Jodi “J3T” Tong‘s booth for snacks that would put Scooby’s to shame…..oh what’s that you say? Never heard of Jodi or here ass kicking goodies, then get up on that shit fool and check it out!!!!

I really feel like I’ve learned a lot from this convention, hell more so than any other convention I’ve been to.  I really enjoyed myself.  I seriously haven’t had this much fun at a convention since the first convention my friend Jason* (from the Kalamazoo, MI-based band Zombie Apocalypse Now….*note: he’s the main black guy in the group) took me to back in high school. This was seriously a hell of a time.  But if you do decided to go to NYCC next year faithful readers go on the VIP Thursday or Friday because Saturday is STOOOOPID crowded!
Well dear friends I am tired as all hell and calling it here, stay tuned for the upcoming Idolized review and some new sketches and Twitter????

‘Til Next Time
Stay Frosty

P.S. – Now did you think I would leave without some photos from the con?

It should never take 30 mins to just GETto the Image booth 


I would be excited about this………..only if Bendis wasn’t on it (-_-)
Upcoming Artist Rule#1: Always have stuff to give out to possible mentors or job opportunities




This is the best thing I got out of the con!! A cool Kim Possible sketch from Rob Kohr (

2 thoughts on “NYCC 2012 Post Game Wrap

  1. I picked up the first issue of Saga a while back and I liked it it. I haven’t really been able to afford more issues since then but I certainly enjoyed what i read.

    (Also thanks for the shout-out for my band)

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