Hello Friends,

Well the one of you that’s actually STILL reading this.  But I jest, I apologize for not having a new post for all of you to read in the past couple of days.  Lately I’ve been busy like nobody’s business.  Between gaining a few new responsibilities (with little pay mind you) at the comic store and my new temp job at Random House, I’ve had little time really to myself.  That and all of the personal matters that have been happening as of late, it’s been a colossal clusterfuck of a month.

In any case this post is going to be short.  Code Basis #2 is still rolling along, I’ll hopefully be able to post one of the color pages soon for your enjoyment.  And as we speak I’m in the process of setting up Walk of Life as an e-book on Lulu.com.  The book itself is already on Lulu, but given how Lulu’s price structure is set up the comic is way too over priced.  (Honestly who would pay $6 for a 25-pg comic?!) Now if you want to see what it looks like at least, it can be viewed here.

In any case, Twin Tails Press is marching on!  Hopefully the next book(s) will be available for consumption in the fall.

Til next time dear friends!
Stay Frosty


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