It’s Coming….

Hello Friends,

I’m sorry but there’s not much much of a posting this time since I’ve been busy with several things…I’m back to working full time at the comic store (“yay” he says sarcastically), I’m still job hunting although thanks to the first reason it’s not as in-depth as I’d like it to be, and to top it off I’m studying Japanese again, among other things.  So there’s a lot on my plate.

I guess out of all of this the only shining light is that I now have Saturdays off….but I have to work Sundays now (again, “yay” he says sarcastically).  Y’know what let me get this outta my system now….




Ok, I feel a bit better but whatever…..


In any case, bitching about my current state of employment is not what this post is about.  This post is about unveiling the new– ah fuck it you guys probably already saw the preview image of the post, so without further ado:

Now that I look at it again, I notice that there’s a small yuri (anime lez) vibe in the image (@_@)

Yep Code Basis issue 2 is on the way, so the 2 of you that bought my book at MoCCA can get excited to read the further tales of Ayako and Haruka.  My goal is to have it done by the end of the summer to be ready for Youmacon…I know I swore never to go to another anime convention since AnimeCentral in Chicago back in ’03 but this con is in my backyard, so to speak, so outside of table fees and a plane ticket home I won’t lose too much out of pocket like MoCCA.  AND! I should hopefully be able to make a few more sales compared to MoCCA given, y’know, my style FITS the damn audience (fucking indie hipsters).

Til next time,
Stay Frosty

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