Aveng—um, ARTWORKS, Assemble!!

Hello Friends!

So yesterday, outside of feeling grumpy about no new job prospects showing up I went to MoCCA and attended a gallery show “Artworks Assemble” by Bob Kessel.

The 8th Man

The show was really good it combined superheroes (mostly American superheroes but also some Japanese characters) and modern art.  It was Hoidy-Toidy, but in a good way, it was fun to try and figure out which characters were in the pieces.  Some were obvious but others took a bit of time getting used to.

Galactus (side view)

This also was a good opportunity to do a bit of networking.  I was lucky enough to run into another comic artist AND we were able to trade books.  He was kinda cool cause he’s speciality was more into the slice of life, humor comics.  I’m not the best when it comes to making a true humor comic so the best I can gun for is Buffy/Firefly style h’jucks.  I also realized how small the art world is by running into a friend of a friend who is now one of my friends (tongue twister!!)

I’m going to really need to start going to more gallery shows like these and get my name out and meet people.  Of course the free Italian vodka they had there didn’t hurt, either 🙂

‘Til next time
Stay Frosty

Pulp comic cover (left), Amazing Spider-Man (right)
Galactus (front view)
Galactus (front view)

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