“Highway to the [Panic] Zone”

Good Lord it’s been about a month since I lost my job and I’m a little sad to say that the fear of possibly not finding something soon is starting to set in. With the blade of rent hanging over my head for the next 27 or so days I’ve been feeling the pinch.


When job hunting its extremely important not to panic or have the feeling of it’s the end of the world.  All that does is break your drive and your focus on finding the job that’s right for you.  I think one of the problems I’m running into is that I put myself into an all or nothing situation:


“Either I get this design job or I die trying!”


Not exactly the best mantra to go with as it can create blinders for you and cause you to miss jobs that could be beneficial for you…and possibly help pay that one bill that you know will decimate your account.


Pretty much as it stands now I’m trying to avoid retail positions at all costs due to the fact they pay peanuts and absorb a shitload of your time and energy.  If I wasn’t facing a $925 (soon to be $955 >_<) bullet in the face I wouldn’t have this “woe is me”-feeling. But alas here I am….best thing I can do is to wake up each day and do my best to focus my efforts or else I’ll worry myself sick.


One thought on ““Highway to the [Panic] Zone”

  1. Hey man,
    Good luck with the job hunt. Feeling the pinch financially always sucks – I hope something turns up soon!

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