Avengers, Assemble (No spoilers, promise)

I think many Doctor Who fans want to do this to River

So by now I’m guessing everyone and there momma’s seen the Avengers.  I saw it on Sunday  and well….I give it a B+.  Now before people get the pitchforks and run me out-of-town,  I did like the movie, it was fun the battles were well put together and Mark Ruffalo was great as the Hulk and they did a really good job of explaining Hawkeye’s role on the team (almost as good as his issue of Avenging Spider-Man #5, I think).

But a great movie does not a well acted Hulk make.  I was watching a JesuOtaku vid from ThatGuyithTheGlasses.com and she kinda summed it up better than I can explain it that The Avengers fall into that sweet spot of middle ground between dark and gritty like Chris Nolan Batman and camp-yet-serious fun like Raimi Spider-Man.  For me though  I didn’t feel the urgency of the threat that Loki or *****’s army (not giving spoilers ^_^) possessed.  Yes, Loki can fuck some shit up if left unchecked but once Thor cracks him across the head one good time with that hammer its pretty much movie over. I hate to say it but the big 6 on 1 battle in Transformers 2 had me jumping in my seat more. It felt more wham-bam.  With Avengers it felt….well it felt more like the cartoon, and for some people that’s good, great even.

In any case, the threats never felt big like the heroes would lose it all if the plan didn’t come together.  I think the best way to describe it was it didn’t get too personal, like Loki never went after Pepper or Jane; hell not even Betty.  Instead they kill off ****** (again, no spoilers) a character I never even liked to begin with to act as the emotional tug for the movie.

But please don’t let this rant(?) make you think I hated the Avengers.  I think it’s Marvel’s best movie out of the 5 that came before and proved that superhero team-up movie CAN work and are viable in today’s market.  I think this will also light a fire under WB/DC’s collective asses and get a Justice League movie green-lighted….or at the very least a Batman/Superman movie.  Avengers is a real popcorn fun movie, I just wish the threat felt more like a threat and some of the plot holes weren’t so noticeable.

Will Avengers keep it’s upward sales trend? Yes, yes it will.  This movie will make insane levels of bank and I can only hope Disney/Marvel figures out a way to get Spidey and their other properties back so we can see a complete Marvel Universe interaction. I can honestly say the Avengers is  a movie worth the huge $13 ticket price….(unless you catch a matinée show and see it for cheaper like I did ^_^)

‘Til next time,
Stay Frosty


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