Get Carded!!

So my insane week drew to a close as I had feelings of being utterly beat up and worn down.  I guess one could say that now that I no longer have my main job and that I’m relegated back down to a $9.25/hr pay grade my body had decided to take a holiday.  Well to be honest it will be nice to not have to wake up a 6:30am for a while, but I will miss being able to have a morning commute to a job that’s actually RELATED to my career path. Yes, I know a comic store does relate to it but it’s not the same y’kno?

Anyway, I’ve mostly been spending my week job hunting and rushing the final touches on the two comics so I can have them ready for MoCCA.  I am so excited for this, I hope I can sell a lot of stuff.  But speaking of stuff I finally picked up my business cards from UPS:

Pick a card

They came out really good, I think the rounded edges really make it feel better in the hand, almost like a trading card effect.  Oh yeah and in case you’re who the girl on the cover of the card is, that’s Pandora the cover girl of Twin Tails Press (and no she’s not a furry).  The problem that arises from this is that DC is also using the name for their mystery girl from Flashpoint and the current Justice League title. (Curse you Geoff Johns!!!111)

Well that’s all for this edition, as usual stay frosty  v(^_^)o


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