Who I Am, What I Do…

Welcome to my blog!!

M’name’s Zack.  I’m an artist currently based in New York City by way of good ol’ Detroit, Michigan.  I got into doing comics from drawing my own comic strips when I was a kid (mainly fan comics of Bump In The Night, Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills, Garfield, etc) and then being influenced heavily by all things Japanese in high school and then pulling a lot of cues from Indie comics in college, mostly Love & Rockets by Los Bros Hernandez.

I’ll be honest I’ve never been the type to draw superhero books, so I’ve had more of a penchant for adventure/sci-fi stories and angsty, Dawson’s Creek-style drama which you can definitely see throughout some stories I’ve done.

Do enjoy what you read here!

Email: fawkestrotart@gmail.com

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