Who I Am, What I Do…

Welcome to my blog!!

I’m Zack.  I’m an artist currently living in Brooklyn by way of Detroit, Michigan.  I got into doing comics from drawing my own comic strips when I was a kid (mainly fan comics of Bump In The Night, Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills, Garfield, etc) and then being influenced heavily by all things Japanese in high school I have a dream of drawing manga professionally, in a sense following hot on the heels of Paul Pope & Felipe Smith.

I’ve never been the type to draw superhero books, so I’ve had more of a penchant for adventure/sci-fi stories and angsty, Dawson’s Creek-style drama which you can definitely see throughout some stories and other designs here on the blog and across my social media.

img_3374Email: fawkestrotart@gmail.com

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