Who I Am, What I Do…

img_3374Hello I’m Zack, a comics artist currently living in Brooklyn by way of Detroit, Michigan with a specialty in manga art.  I got into doing comics from drawing my own comic strips when I was a kid (mainly weird crossover fan comics of Bump In The Night, Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills, Garfield, etc) and then being influenced heavily by all things Japanese in high school. My driving goal is to draw manga professionally. It’s a tall order but it’s been a lifelong dream that won’t go away.

I’ve never been the type to draw superhero books, so I’ve had more of a penchant for adventure/sci-fi stories and angsty, Dawson’s Creek-style drama which you can definitely see throughout some stories and other work here on the blog and across my social media.

My credits include work on the covers of the Chicago rock band, Zombie Apocalypse NOW!‘s EPs ZAN vs KOF & Hope You Survive the Experience

Email: fawkestrotart@gmail.com
Instagram: @fawkestrotart

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